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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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Old Pacific Hwy at Toutle River north of Castle Rock

In the 1950's the new highway that would eventually become interstate 5 was being built north toward Chehalis. The highway department incorporated the old highway to route the traffic while the sections of the new highway were constructed. 

By the mid 1950’s the new highway had been built northward through Castle Rock to the Toutle River. The photos show the temporary segment of the new highway that was built to connect the new highway to the old highway. 

This temporary section of the new highway was called the “Toutle Curves” It was a dangerous part of the new highway. The Toutle Curves remained a part of the new highway from the early 50’s up to the late 60’s when they built the interstate bridge over the river.

This part of the old hwy is on the old Northern Pacific Railroad grade. 

A 1953 map showing the "Toutle Curves"

A 1968 map showing the new bridge over the river eliminating the dangerous Toutle Curves. The curves in this map are shown as a frontage road.

1950 Alignment otherwise known as the "Toutle Curves"


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