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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original 1915 Route

Leaving Tacoma on Puyallup Ave. the old Hwy continued East and before the river the road turned right onto E. Bay St. (This part of the road has been severed) Then continued Southeast on E. Bay St. to just about where River Rd. starts. 

The old Hwy turned left and went across the river to what is now 20th St E. This bridge is now gone. In between the river and the tracks the road is still there but inaccessible and abandoned.

The old hwy continued East on 20th St. E. to 54th Ave. E. Then turned right onto 54th and continued south as it turns into Valley Ave. The old Hwy then continued on Valley Ave. to 86th Ave. E. where it turned right and crossed the tracks and turned left onto what is now 27th Ave. Ct SW.

The road Continued on 27th Ave Ct. SW and connected back up to Valley Ave. The old road continued on Valley Ave. to E. Valley Hwy in Sumner. The road turned left onto E. Valley Hwy and continued North all the way to Tukwila. 

When the old Hwy reached the point where I-405 is there are 2 routes that may have been used.

The first one is the the old road crossed the freeway and turned right onto what is now Monster Rd. SW. This part of the road has been severed by the railroad. 

The road continued on Monster Rd SW to Beacon Coal Mine Rd S. and continued North then turned left onto S. 129th St. The road went down the hill on S. 129th St. as it turns into S. 50th Pl. S. then it turns into S. 124th St. and continued West to 42nd Ave. S. 

The second route was at I-405 the road turned left onto Southcenter Blvd. after crossing the Green River then continued up the hill to Macadam Rd. then turned right onto Macadam Rd. (Macadam Rd. has been severed by the freeway).

The road continued to Interurban Ave. turned left onto Interurban then right across the Old Allentown Bridge (This bridge is long gone but you can see a concrete piling in the middle of the river) then left onto 42nd Ave S.

The road turned right/left and continued on 42nd Ave S. North to S. 115th St. The road then turned left on S. 115th St. to E. Marginal Way S. The Hwy continued North and then turned left onto S. 104th St. and then turned right onto 27th Ave S The Hwy then curved to the right next to the old river channel and went across E. Marginal Way (This part of the road is gone.) 

The road then went Northeast across the airport to Airport Way S. (This part of the road is also gone.) The Hwy then continued North on Airport Way S. to Nevada St. and turned left then right onto 6th Ave. S. and then went North into Seattle.

Alignments and Alternates to the Route

In 1912 to the early 20s Macadam Rd. may have been used as an alternate route from Southcenter in Tukwila  to S. 124th St. in Allentown. This road was the first Macadam-paved road in Washington State.

From 1912 to the mid 20s the High Line Road which is now called Des Moines Memorial Drive was used as an alternate route from Tacoma to Seattle. 

About 1920 where W. Valley Hwy and I -405 meet. the Hwy continued North on Interurban Ave. to E. Marginal Way and then continued North to Seattle.

From 1922 to 1924 the Hwy continued East from Tacoma on Puyallup Ave. crossed the river to Pacific Hwy E. and into Fife. Then continued on Pacific Hwy E. North to Des Moines. Until the Pacific Hwy was completed the road used Des Moines Memorial Drive to 14th Ave S. then crossed the Duwamish River (The 14th Ave. S bridge is now gone.) turned left onto E. Marginal Way S.

By the late 20's Pacific Hwy was completed North from Des Moines as it does today and connected to E. Marginal Way S.

In 1935 as the Hwy entered Seattle the road continued on E. Marginal Way S. to 4th Ave. and continued North into Seattle.

In the 1940s as the Hwy entered Seattle, the road continued on 4th Ave to Wall St. turned right and continued to Aurora Ave.

In the 1956 the Hwy continued North on E. Marginal Way to the Alaskan Way Viaduct and into Seattle.


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