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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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I wish to thank the following websites and authors for their work, so that I could make this website as accurate as possible.


WSU Libraries

Historic Map Works

Washington State Historical Maps

NETR Online Historical Aerials

U.S. Department of Agriculture 1909 to 1911 maps 

Historical Quadrangles of Washington

The USCG Store

Historical Topographic Map Collection

Washington State Historical Society

Historical Road Maps & Guides

1925 Metskers map of Washington (hard copy)

Old gas station maps of the 30’s 40’ and 50’s

Old Anderson map of Clarke County 1909

Quadrangle map of Cowlitz County 1913 (hard copy)

1922 Clarke County map (hard copy)

1899 Clarke County map (hard copy)

Websites about the Highway

Whatcom County Town Histories

Highways of Washington State - I-5


Establishing the Pacific Highway South

American Road Magazine Forum

Old Highway 99

Columbia River Reader

Wikipedia - U.S. Route 99

Wikipedia - State Route 99

Living Gold Press - "What in the Sam Hill"

Thurston County Historical Markers

Highways of Washington State - U.S. 99 (trunk)

Washington 99

Licton Springs Neighborhood - Aurora Ave. North

End of U.S. Highway 99

City of Tumwater


The Washington Historical Quarterly 1921

"Washington A Guide to the Evergreen State 1940"

"International Pacific Highway System 1938"

"That Ribbon of Highway III"

"Cowlitz Corridor 1952"

Automobile Blue Books 1913. 1915 and 1919


Google Maps using satellite mode to discover parts of the old routes.

Visiting the route in person.



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