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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original Boeing Airplane Factory
"The Red Barn"

This former shipyard was the first home of The Boeing Company, which was founded in 1916. Affectionately called the Red Barn, it is shown under guard during World War I. The Red Barn is now part of the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Boeing Plant 1 (also known as Boeing Oxbow Plant) was the second Boeing airplane production facility which was the home of the Boeing Corporation between 1917 and 1965 in Seattle, Washington, USA. 

Boeing Plant 1 was responsible for the assembly and production of all aspects of the early Boeing airplane models produced until the completion of Boeing Plant 2 in 1936.

By the 1950s Boeing Plant 1 consisted of more than 20 buildings. The facility was made obsolete by the larger airplanes produced in the 1930s, and was used primarily as a forging plant and testing facility, as well as a producer of component parts used in the production of airplanes in other Boeing facilities. 

The Boeing Plant 1 site was sold to the Port of Seattle in 1970, and is currently located on the southern portion of the Port of Seattle Terminal 115 site.

Only two structures remain from the original Boeing Plant 1 site. One is Building No. 105, also known as the Red Barn, which is currently located at the Museum of Flight; the other is the 1929-vintage administration building, located on its original location, just south of the Terminal 115 site at 200 Southwest Michigan Street, Seattle.

2011 map

1914 map showing the new & old alignment and where the river used to flow. The red square is where the Red Barn is located today.




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