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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original 1915 Route

Leaving Olympia the Hwy went East on 4th Ave. to Pacific Ave. Then veered to the right onto Lacey Blvd. The Hwy continued on Lacey Blvd. to Steilacoom Blvd. The road then continued East on Steilacoom Blvd down the Hill across the Nisqually Valley and then right onto 7th Ave. SE until it reaches Old Pacific Hwy. Steilacoom Blvd is on the Old Military Road alignment.

The road then continued on Old Pacific Hwy to Nisqually Rd. SW The Hwy then continued on Nisqually Rd SW to the freeway. Then the Hwy continued on the southbound lanes of I-5 where to the Gravelly Lake Dr. SW exit is in Ponders. 

The road then continues on Pacific Hwy SW to Lakeview Ave SW. (The railroad has severed the connection with Lakeview Ave.) The Hwy then continues on Lakeview Ave. SW to Steilacoom Blvd. The Hwy turns right onto Steilacoom Blvd and continues East to S. Tacoma Way. 

This next part of the Hwy I believe ran from 1910 to 1915. The Hwy went north on S. Tacoma Way to 54th St. then East following the old trolley line on 54th St. to S. Railroad St. which curves around to the right (The freeway has severed the road at this point.) The Hwy continued on S. Railroad St. to 56th St. then East to S. M St.

The Hwy turned left onto S. M St. and continued North to S. 38th St. The Hwy continued East on S. 38th St. and then turned left on S. G St. and continued North as the road turns into S. Delin St. The road continued down the hill on S. Delin St. to Pacific Ave. 

In 1916 the Hwy turned left from Steilacoom Blvd. onto S. Tacoma Way and continued north through South Tacoma and then onto Union Ave. The road curved to the right which was called Montgomery Ave. and then turned left onto M St. 

Then the road turned right onto Center St. and continued East as it turns into Jefferson Ave. then went down the hill to Pacific Ave. turned right and continued south to Puyallup Ave.

The Hwy turned onto Puyallup Ave. continued East and turned right onto E. Bay St. (the freeway has severed this part of the road.) and continued on E Bay St. and crossed the River at 20th St. E. (The bridge is long gone but you can see part of the old road across the river.) The railroad tracks have severed this part where it connected to 20th St. E. The road then continued on 20th St. E. to Fife.

Alignments and Alternates to the Route

In 1916 the Hwy continued North from Steilacoom Blvd on Union Ave. (S. Tacoma Way) to S. 38th St. turned right on S. 38th St. and went East and turned left on S. M St. and went North to Center St. 

The Hwy turned right on Center St. and continued East as it turned into Jefferson St. continued down the hill to Pacific Ave. turned right onto Pacific Ave. and turned left onto Puyallup Ave.

In 1925 the Hwy continued North from Steilacoom Blvd on S. Tacoma Way around the curve then down the hill into Tacoma and onto Puyallup Ave. then across the river and into Fife as it does today.

In 1928 The Hwy was realigned onto Pacific Ave. SE through Lacey and down into the Nisqually Valley. This part of the Hwy is on the old Northern Pacific Railroad grade.

In 1936 the Hwy was realigned onto Martin Way.

In 1937 the Hwy was realigned from Lakeview Ave SW and Steilacoom Blvd to the current route on S. Tacoma Way.

In 1949 N. 4th Ave. became the East bound lanes of the Hwy and State Ave. NE became the Eastbound lanes.


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