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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original 1915 Route

Leaving Mt Vernon the old Hwy went North on S. 2nd St. and turned left onto W. Division St. The road then crossed the river and continued on W. Division St. to S. Wall St. and turned left. 

The route then turned right onto Mc Lean Rd. and continued West on Mc Lean Rd, then and turned right onto the Avon & Allen Rd. The route then continued North to Allen crossing over SR 11 to Ersing Rd. and continued North on Ersing Rd.

The road turned left onto Worline Rd. and then continued Northwest to the town of Bow and the Bow Hill Rd. At this point the road crossed Bow Hill Rd. and continued North (This part of the route is now gone.) 

The road continued North and connected to Kallistrom Rd. The route continued North to Colony Rd. and continued on Colony Rd. 

The route then turned right just before Windmill Lane. (This part is now a driveway.) The Route continued North and crossed the railroad tracks and turned left onto S. Blanchard Rd. The route then continued West on S. Blanchard Rd. and turned Right onto Legg Rd.

In Blanchard the road continues North on Legg Rd. as it turns into Blanchard Rd. and then meets back up with Chuckanut Dr. 

Legg Rd./Blanchard Rd. is narrow and most likely is the original width. The only change is that it is paved now. Very nice road to get the feel of how it was in those days.

The old Hwy continued North on Chuckanut Dr. which is one of the scenic drives in the state. there are a few places to stop and check out the view.

The continues North on Chuckanut Dr. and just before you reach Fairhaven the road crossed over Chuckanut Creek at 21st St. and then continued North as the road turns into turns into 12th St. as you enter Fairhaven. 

The original road continued North on 12th St. then turned left onto Mill Ave. Then turned right onto 11th St. and continued North. 

The road continues North along the waterfront and then veers right onto Steele St. and continues North as it turns into Boulevard St. then continued North as it turned into N. State St.

The road then continues North on N. State St. and turns left onto E. Holly St. to E. Prospect St. and into Bellingham.

Alignments and Alternates to the Route

In 1918 the hwy was realigned along the Old Samish hwy toward Alger. The Old route followed Friday Creek rd along the old Railroad grade. The 1918 route continued south on the east side of the fish hatchery. 

This part of the road is long gone. The road linked up to where prairie road turns east. Prairie rd turns into Bow Rd then turned left onto N. Green Rd. and continued south to Belfast.

In the 1920s the Hwy continued North on 4th St to Riverside Dr. and across the river into Burlington. It continued North to State Patrol Dr. Which is the Old Chuckanut Dr alignment and headed Northwest next to the Interurban trolley line to Blanchard. It road turned right onto Colony Rd, in Blanchard and then left onto Legg Rd.

In 1930 from Burlington the road continued North on Burlington Blvd. and bypassed the Chuckanut Dr./SR 11 turn and continues North as it turns into Old Hwy 99 to Alger. Just past Alger the Hwy continued North on Old Hwy 99. The old hwy continued Northwest until it meets up with I-5.

Then it veered to the right onto the I-5 Northbound roadway and continued North till it meets S. Samish Way. Then continues North on S. Samish Way to Fairhaven and then turned right onto Pasco St. then turned left on E. Maple St. Went 3 blocks and turned right onto Ellis St. The road continued North on Ellis St. and then turned left onto E. Holly St. and into Bellingham. 

After 1930 Chuckanut Dr. was designated as alternate US 99. Maps from 1936 still show Chuckanut Dr as the Primary.

In 1931 the Blanchard Bridge was built and the Hwy bypassed Colony Rd and Legg Rd.

In the late 1930s or early 1940s a new bridge was completed over Chuckanut Creek. This new alignment is what you drive on today. 21st St. is on the original alignment.

In the late 1930s or early 1940s in Fairhaven, Finnegan Way was constructed immediately north of the business district in order to connect 11th Street to 12th Street, which merges with Chuckanut Drive toward the south city limits.


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