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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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Portal Way

In 1884, the Northwest Diagonal Road was opened up to Ferndale from Bellingham, and connected up with a road that ran through Custer to Blaine . Wooden plank roads were also developed to aid in travel through the muddy terrain. 

In 1886, the Guide Meridian Road was opened, but Whatcom County remained rustic and isolated until 1893, when the Great Northern built its railway line across the western part of the County, through Ferndale , to Blaine , and on to Vancouver , British Columbia .

In 1915 the Pacific Highway originally used the NW Diagonal Rd. as the route north to Blaine. In 1928 Portal Way was completed and the Pacific Highway was rerouted along the new highway.

2011 map

1928 map

Looking south

Looking south from the intersection of Grandview Rd. and Portal Way.


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