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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original 1915 Route

Leaving Everett the old hwy went East on Everett Ave. to Grand Ave. then turned right onto the Everett Ave Bridge (This bridge was demolished in 1940) went over the river and veered left then continued East on the same path that Hwy 2 is on.

The old road then turned left onto Sunnyside Blvd. SE and continued North as the road turns into 61st St. NE. The road continues East on 61st St. NE as it turns into 3rd St. in Marysville.

The old road continued East on 3rd St. and turned right onto State Ave. / Hwy 529 and continued North as it turns into Smoky Point Blvd. / Old Hwy 99. 

The old road continued North on Smoky Point Blvd. to Pioneer Hwy E. / Hwy 530. The road continued West on Pioneer Hwy E. and turned left onto Triangle Dr. in East Stanwood. 

The road then turned left again at Cedarhome Dr. and continued West over the tracks as it turns into 271st St. NW and then turned left onto Camano St. / 270th St. NW and then into Stanwood. 

The old road then turned right onto 102nd Ave NW and continued North as it turns into the Old Pacific Hwy. The road continues North to where it turns right and crosses the tracks and then turns left onto Pioneer Hwy.

The old road continues North on Pioneer Hwy and turns left onto 92nd Ave NW then continues North to where the road ends and turns right goes over the tracks and connects back to Pioneer Way then turns left (This part of the old road is gone) and continues North to Conway.  

The old road continued in a straight line where is connected with Jones Rd. and then turned right at Fir Island Rd. Then the Hwy turned right onto Fir Island Rd. and went East to the freeway. 

The old road turned left just after the eastern edge of the freeway and lined up and continued North on Cedardale Rd and then crossed the freeway again to line up with Old Hwy 99 S. Rd. at exit 224. (the old road went in a straight line North from the Southbound lanes of I-5 to Hwy 99 S. Using a small part of the Conway frontage Rd.) 

The old road continued north on Old Hwy 99 S. to E. Blackburn Rd. and turned left then the next right onto S. 3rd St. and continued North to W. Kincaid St. turned Left and then right onto S. 2nd St. in Mt Vernon.

Alignments and Alternates to the Route

One of the early routes used from Marysville to Stanwood starting in the late 1890s began at 140th St. NE and Smoky Point Blvd in Marysville. Then continued West on 140th St. NE and turned right onto Forty 5 Rd. and continued Northwest on Forty 5 Rd. as it turns into Lakewood Rd. / Hwy 531. 

Then continued West on Hwy 531 and veered right onto Frank Waters Rd. it then continued northwest on Frank Waters Rd. and veered to the right onto Stanwood Rd. Then continued North on Stanwood Rd. / Marine Dr. and then at the Old town of Florence it turned right onto Florence Rd. and went through the town. 

Florence was one of the earliest towns on the Stillaguamish River in Snohomish County. It was platted in 1866 and actively competed with Stanwood (downriver) as a commercial center until the Great Northern Railroad bypassed it and the steamboats could no longer make it up the river. 

Then the road continued north back onto Marine Dr. Then it took the first left onto Thomie Rd. and continued on Thomie Rd. to the other side of the river from 84th Ave. NW. (There used to be a bridge across the river here.) 

The road crossed over the river and onto 84th Ave. NW / Marine Dr. and continued North to 271st St NW and turned left onto 271st St. NW at East Stanwood. then continued West into Stanwood.

The 1915 Automobile Red Book show another alternative route to Stanwood from Silvana was on Norman Rd. Just across the river on Pioneer Way North of Silvana. 

Norman Rd. goes west through the Old town of Norman which was next to the Great Northern Tracks and it continues West till it connects to Marine Dr. Then North to Florence. I have found the town of Florence on some early maps of the Pacific Hwy. This route appears on maps of the late 1890s.

In 1923 North of Stanwood 92nd Ave NW on the Pioneer Hwy was bypassed and the road continued straight Northeast along the Railroad tracks to Conway.

In 1923 at Conway the Hwy curved to the right and connected to Main St as it turns into Conway Frontage Rd. and then crossed the freeway and connected to Cedardale Rd.

On August 23, 1927, the Marysville-Everett cutoff opens. This roadway (part of the Pacific Highway and later designated SR 529) shortens the distance between Marysville and Everett from nearly 11 miles to four miles, and marks a significant milestone for transportation in Snohomish County

The Pacific Highway ran North on Walnut St. in downtown Everett to Hwy 529/Pacific Hwy. Gala celebrations to mark the occasion were held in both cities, especially in Marysville, where the road will have the greatest impact.

The cutoff’s importance cannot be overstated. It didn’t improve travel just between Marysville and Everett. It also improved travel on the Pacific Highway between Seattle and points north -- for example, the cutoff reduced travel time by bus between Seattle and Bellingham from just over four hours to three and a half hours. 

The cutoff represented a milestone in the construction of good roads during the 1920s and was a tremendous economic benefit to Marysville as well -- new buildings were built, new businesses sprang up, traffic at existing businesses increased, and overall growth in the town accelerated, all thanks to the cutoff.

In the 1930s at E. Blackburn Rd. in Mt Vernon the hwy veered to the left onto 2nd St. and continued North into Mt Vernon as it does today.

In 1931 at East Stanwood the road continued on Pioneer Way North through East Stanwood and bypassed West Stanwood as it continued on to Conway.

In 1934 in Everett the Hwy went North on Broadway then went across the Snohomish river as it turns into Hwy 529 / Old Pacific Hwy and continued North into Marysville.

In 1934, a new alignment avoided East Stanwood-Stanwood altogether. From Hwy 530 / Smoky Point Blvd. the Hwy continued straight (this part is now gone) then veered to the left and went north across the river. 

The Hwy then continued North as it turns into Old Hwy 99 N. and then to Milltown Rd. It Crossed Milltown Rd. and connected to Bonneview Rd and then curved slightly and connected to Cedardale Rd. and continued North on Cedardale Rd. to meet up with the old road in Conway at exit 224. The road then went North on the Southbound lanes of I-5 into Mt Vernon.

In 1952 the Hwy at Smoky Point Blvd and 200th St. NE continued North on the I-5 roadway crossed the river and connected with Old Hwy 99 N

In 1954 the Marysville Cutoff added new Northbound and Southbound lanes. New bridges were constructed and the Ebey Slough bridge into Marysville was bypassed by the new Hwy bridge that became the Southbound lanes of Interstate 5 over Ebey Slough. 

This new alignment continued North from Everett toward Marysville on Hwy 529 and before crossing the river into Marysville on the old Ebey Slough bridge the Hwy turned to the left and onto the current southbound lanes of the I-5 roadway and continued North to just past 140th St. and then veered to the right and connected back to the Old Pacific Hwy / Smoky Point Blvd.


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