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The Historic Pacific Highway
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Conway / Fir

Conway lies on the southeastern bank of the Skagit river, opposite Fir. and is the southernmost Skagit county station on the Great Northern's coastline. Its population does out exceed fifty, there being only a post office, hotel, store and two saloons there. A ferry connects Conway with Fir. virtually making then one community.

Thomas P. Jones and Charles Villeneuve settled upon  and near the site of Conway in 1873, but not until 1886 did the latter establish the pioneer store on the land. In 1891 the Great Northern came through, designating this point as a station. Thereupon Mr. Jones platted the town site of Conway upon a portion of his land. 

Mr. Villeneuve bought four lots and in 1892 erected the present store building. A heavy flood in 1894 all but destroyed the place. Two years later Mr. Villeneuve leased his store to William Bonser, who retained possession for two years, finally returning the business to its owner. 

Magnus Anderson succeeded Mr. Villeneuve a year and a half later and was in turn recently succeeded by John Melkild who still conducts the general store. The wealthy Skagit delta flats surround the town, furnishing its main support.

From the History of Skagit County 1906


2011 map

1911 map

Pic 1. Looking south on 2nd St.

Pic. 2 Looking east on Main St.

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