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The Historic Pacific Highway
in Washington

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The Original 1915 Route

Leaving Centralia the Highway headed North on Harrison Ave. Then turned left onto Borst Ave. The road then turned right onto Caverness Dr. and continued North and connected to the Old Pacific Hwy. The road then followed Old Pacific Hwy to Grand Mound. 

At Grand Mound the hwy veered to the right and headed East on Old Hwy 99 to Tilley Rd. In the early days the old hwy used Ivan Way. until the 1920s or 30s when the Hwy was straightened. 

You can still see and walk along the old abandon part that is between the West side of the freeway and Old 99. This is the original curve that connected the Northbound with the Eastbound road.

There were 3 alternates you could take from Grand Mound to Olympia back in the early teens. One was Tilley Rd. through Millersylvania Park. The second was North on case Rd. which begins at Ivan Way and connects to Tilley Rd. at the South end of the Olympia Airport. The last one is the current Old Hwy 99 through Tenino.

The 1913 official route continued East then turned left onto Tilley Rd. and headed North to connect up with Hwy 99. The Olympia Airport obliterated the Hwy as it had gone directly North through the airport. About 1916 the official Pacific Hwy was rerouted through Tenino. 

From Hwy 99 North of the Olympia Airport the road heads North and it turns into Capitol Blvd. The old road used to go across the freeway and continue on 2nd Ave SW. it then crossed back over the freeway and headed down into Tumwater on Deschutes Way.

In Tumwater the old road turned left onto Boston St. and crossed the Deschutes River. and then up the hill to Custer Way SW.

The road went East on Custer Way across Capitol Blvd to Cleveland Ave. then turned left and went North on Cleveland Ave. to Capitol Blvd. 

The road then followed Capitol Blvd North across the freeway then it turned left onto what was 27th St. and continued West one block and turned right onto Capitol Way S.

The Hwy continued North on Capitol Way S to 4th Ave. E. The road then continued East on 4th Ave. E. toward Lacey.

Alignments and Alternates to the Route

In the 1910s Case Rd. going from Grand Mound to Olympia which begins at Ivan Way and connects to Tilley Rd. at the South end of the Olympia Airport. may have been used as an alternate.

In 1916 the Hwy continued East to Tenino instead of turning onto Tilley Rd. I believe Tilley Rd. was used as an alternate from then on.

From 1916 until the 20s or 30s At 16697 Old Highway 99 SE. the road went straight through what is now a pasture and towards Mima Acres Dr. SE. (see this page) The road then crossed Mima Acres Dr. SE then veered slightly to the left and headed into Tenino.

Heading North out of Tenino the 1916 road continued on Hwy 99 to Bonniewood Dr. SE. The road followed Bonniewood Dr. SE to Dennis St. turned left on Dennis St. and continued West to Capitol Blvd S. 

In the 1910s Hwy 507 from Centralia through Bucoda was used as an alternate route to Tenino. This route was still marked on the map as Hwy 99 on various maps up into the early 1950s.

About 1923 Ivan Way was bypassed and the curve at Grand Mound lined up with the current Hwy to Tenino. You can walk along this old abandon part 

In the 1920s or 1930s the Hwy veers to the left and continued East toward Tenino just past Tilley Rd. as it does today instead of going straight at 16697 to Mina Acres Rd.

In the 1930s the road bypassed Bonniewood Dr. SE and stayed on the current Old Hwy 99 alignment to Capitol Blvd. as it does today.

In 1938 the road continued on Capitol Blvd. and crossed the Deschutes river on the Totem Bridge and continued into Olympia.

About 1949 4th Ave. E. became the Eastbound route of the Hwy through downtown Olympia and State St. NE became the Westbound route through town.


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